What is the iupac name of ch2 = ch


As noted before, alkenes are hydrocarbons with carbon-to-carbon double bonds (R2C=CR2) và alkynes are hydrocarbons with carbon-to-carbon triple bonds (R–C≡C–R). Collectively, they are called unsaturated hydrocarbons because they have fewer hydroren atoms than does an alkane with the same number of carbon atoms, as is indicated in the following general formulas:

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The double bond is shared by the two carbons và does not involve the hydrogene atoms, although the condensed formula does not make this point obvious. cảnh báo that the molecular formula for ethene is C2H4, whereas that for ethane is C2H6.

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The first two alkenes in Table (PageIndex1), ethene và propene, are most often called by their common names—ethylene và propylene, respectively (Figure (PageIndex1)). Ethylene is a major commercial kiemvuongchimong.vnical. The US kiemvuongchimong.vnical industry produces about 25 billion kilograms of ethylene annually, more than any other synthetic organic kiemvuongchimong.vnical. More than half of this ethylene goes inlớn the manufacture of polyethylene, one of the most familiar plastics. Propylene is also an important industrial kiemvuongchimong.vnical. It is converted to plastics, isopropyl alcohol, and a variety of other products.


Example (PageIndex1)

Name each compound.

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Exercise (PageIndex1)

Name each compound.


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Briefly identify the important distinctions between an alkene và an alkane.