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The elderly population of the U.S. is growing rapidly. Technology that improves care is essential for senior living communities as they try lớn keep up with this growth.

For example, nursing homes và continuing care communities are using high-definition displays to improve sầu the cấp độ of comfort for residents và guests while enhancing the connection patients have sầu with loved ones.

It’s easy to lớn see how effective sầu the LG 24-inch UL Hospital Grade Pro:Centric Smart TV could be at helping patients who may be confined to lớn their rooms. During periods of extended isolation, this solution could help them cope by delivering capabilities such as videoconferencing with families, telemedicine with doctors and entertainment through TV programs & streaming video clip.

The telemedicine features embedded within these solutions deliver another option through which clinicians can administer care. Doctors and care providers can even pause programming on a TV khổng lồ engage patients.

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What Makes This TV Smart?

More important, the ability lớn tailor each LG solution khổng lồ meet the individual needs of a care community holds the potential to improve the cấp độ of care clinicians deliver. The right content can help patients suffering from Alzheimer’s remain calm while taking medications, or help minimize potential episodes of anger. 

To this alặng, the LG Pro:Centric application allows providers lớn create their own content và manage multiple channels. Additionally, LG offers other important features including multibed functionality (for up to four beds), which effectively eliminates remote control interference for TVs in rooms with multiple residents.


Smart TVs such as the LG 24-inch UL Hospital Grade Pro:Centric Smart TV enhances patients’ connections with loved ones.

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The Pro:Centric is designed specifically for patient room environments, with sleek contours & easy management tools. The smart TV supports quiông xã cài đặt with wizards or through USB cloning. The wizard was especially helpful; I had the television phối up & all the desired back-kết thúc functionality configured quickly. Once a unit is phối up, an administrator can simply give sầu a resident or patient access to whatever functionality he or she needs, such as the ability khổng lồ change channels or answer a videoconference Điện thoại tư vấn. 

The unit’s USB cloning capability, which allows IT staff members to simply copy settings to each TV they manage using a USB memory device, simplifies management. Just pop the USB device inkhổng lồ each TV lớn complete the thiết đặt.

The LG 24-inch UL Hospital Grade Pro:Centric Smart TV can be a real game changer for healthcare systems và long-term care communities. For care providers who offer a TV in each room, the Pro:Centric’s smart features can assist with care và improve the chất lượng of life for residents.

A Smart TV Offering Features & Protection

LG’s UL Hospital Grade televisions come equipped with features such as Pro:Centric Connect, a tool that enables IT teams to secure Clip calls on these large, high-definition screens. IT professionals simply update their application & add a compatible webcam khổng lồ a Pro:Centric Smart TV to let patients connect with their families and the outside world.

For security, the television does not transmit patients’ personally identifiable information. Instead, it encrypts all calls & communication through the network. Moreover, the application that hosts the data links a specific patient with a specific room number, minimizing the possibility of unauthorized users accessing the system.

The Pro:Centric application also allows users to create their own nội dung and manage multiple channels, which can be customized for long-term care facilities. Most of LG’s Hospital Grade Pro:Centric Smart TVs are also equipped with built-in pillow speaker ports và are compatible with most pillow speakers lớn provide more convenience to lớn residents và staff.

Simple & Efficient TV Controls

The LG TVs also offer variable audio-out functions that enable external speakers to lớn be connected khổng lồ the TV. Additionally, the remote control is designed to be simpler và easier khổng lồ use than previous models, & the EcoSmart feature provides energy-saving công nghệ that reduces electricity costs.

The image chất lượng of the LG 24-inch UL Hospital Grade Pro:Centric Smart TV is excellent. With a screen form size of 24 inches, a resolution of 1366x768 pixels và a contrast ratio of 3000:1, the LG provides a cinematic experience that will impress patients & guests.


SCREEN SIZE: 24 inchesRESOLUTION: 1366 x 768 pixelsCONTRAST RATIO: 3000:1SOUND: Built-in pillow speaker portVIDEO: NTSC (analog), ATSC (digital), UL-listed hospital gradePLATFORM: Pro:Centric smart application platformDIMENSIONS: 21.9 x 13.5 x 2.1 inches