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1Driver's license kiểm tra software for A1, A2, A3 2020:

The questionnaire for the 20trăng tròn driver's license test is as follows:

Grade A2: study - exam 450 questions, including 50 questions about serious loss of food safety.Grade A1: study - 200 exam questions, including trăng tròn questions about serious traffic unsafe situations ..Grade A3: study - 500 exam questions, including 54 questions about serious loss of food safety.

Set of 365 Questions for the A2 Assessment Exam

Set of 150 Questions for the A1 Driver's License Examination A1

600 Theory và Lathử nghiệm Car Driving Examination Questions

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We are one of the major training centers in Ho Chi Minc City, specializing in the field of Driver Training and the Examination for getting a Motorcycle Driver's License (A1, A2) & 4-wheel vehicles from 4 to lớn 9 seats (B1, B2 & C grades).

After 10 years of operation, with the support & trust of students, City Driving Training Center. In TP HCM City, we have sầu continuously made efforts to improve the unique of training:

+ Investing in a completely new driving practice car lớn teach students the best.

+ The curriculum is updated according lớn the law & is always committed to teaching the best driving.

+ Best tuition in Ho Chi Minch City (package - no extra charge).

+ Always at the top of the training and teaching stage in Ho Chi Minh City.

Carefully cheated when registering lớn drive sầu a car in Ho Chi Minch City, Vietnam:
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Vietphái mạnh Driving License Expiration Date Time:

+ Grade A1 (unlimited): driving a 2-wheeler with a cylinder capađô thị from 50 cm3 khổng lồ less than 175 cm3 OR for a disabled person driving a tricycle for a person with a disability.

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+ Grade A2 (unlimited): motorbikes with a capacity of over 175 cm3 and vehicles of class A1.

+ Grade A3 (unlimited): lớn operate three-wheeled motorcycles & vehicles specified for A1-class driving licenses.

+ Grade A4 (10 years): small tractors with a tonnage of up khổng lồ 1000kg.

+ Grade B1 (to retirement age): driving a passenger car of up khổng lồ 9 seats; trucks, tractors with a tonnage of under 3,500 kg (NOT ALLOWED FOR BUSINESS).

+ Grade B2 (10 years): Controlling vehicles lượt thích class B1. Be involved in transport business.

+ Grade C (5 years): driving trucks, tractors with a tonnage of 3,500 kg or more and vehicles specified in grade B2.

+ Grade D (5 years): drive passenger cars with 10-32 seats and vehicles specified in Class C.

+ Grade E (5 years): Issued lớn drivers of passenger cars with over 30 seats & vehicles specified for class B1, B2, C, D driving licenses.

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+ Grade F (5 years): Issued to holders of driving licenses of grades B2, C, D và E to lớn operate respective cars towing trailers with a thiết kế tonnage of more than 750 kg, semi-trailers, & passenger cars. .