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Yes, on the blog, the Admin has shared a lot of professional USB BOOT creation tools, you can visit the USB BOOT section on the blog here, spoiled for you to lớn choose from.

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However, for the purpose of diversifying the treasure trove of knowledge, in this article I will continue to mô tả with you another set of rescue tools of the term hoanchien, nember in VNZ. This version I find good is that it is a simple way, supports booting on both UEFI – LEGACY standards, và what I lượt thích most is that the software in this rescue toolkit is mostly in the latest version.

Still know that for computer rescue tools, it is not necessary to lớn be new, say no matter how far away from Admin’s 1-click boot usb article since 2015, the software is old, but I still used for many years, still delicious rescue on all machines.

But each person has a point of view, each person has a choice, no one is the same. Therefore, I decided lớn still write this sharing khổng lồ introduce lớn you a useful BOOT, hope it will help technicians have more suitable choices.

Refer to some more rescue tools that I like the most:

Table of Contents

#first. Introducing MCBOOT by hoanchien

The versatile PC rescue toolkit supports booting in both UEFI and LEGACY standards. & this computer rescue toolkit has the same advantages as the rescue tools that Admin introduced earlier, which are:Support creating USB BOOT or HDD BOOT with 1 click.USB BOOT / HDD BOOT, after being created, will automatically create a BOOT partition with FAT32 format, and a capacity of 2.5 GB. This partition will contain the boot file & will be hidden lớn prevent viruses from entering. Và the other partition is to hold your data …Built-in Grub4Dos Boot thực đơn has good tư vấn for LEGACY & UEFI standards.Integrated Win installer for quick installation outside the Menu.
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MC BOOT’s menu includes:


About Win Pe is included in New Build: PE Win 10 pro x64, Win 10 pro x86 with full rescue software on Mini Windows: Acronis TrueImage, Norton Ghost, Partition Wizard, Aomei Partition, Partition Guru …Dos tools: Partition Wizard, Partition Guru, Konboot, Memtest, MHDD, ghost 11.5, HDD regenerator, Active Password Changer …Supports virus scanning (Kaspersky rescue, Avira rescue, Eset, Dr.Web)This is menu BOOT for two standard MBR – legacy and UEFI-GPTLanguage: Switch to English language to lớn use.Boot thực đơn Grub4 for Dos : Boot into PE Windows, Partition Wizard, Partition Guru, Konboot, Memtest, MHDD, ghost 11.5, HDD regenerator, Active Password Changer … and many other useful toolsPE Win 10 32Bit: Access to Mini Windows 10 32Bit.PE Win 10 64Bit: Access to Mini Windows 10 64Bit.Reboot: restart the computer.

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Shutdown: Turn off the computer.

#2. What needs to be prepared?

A minimum 4GB USB stick.

Then you click the like button below to download the MCBOOT file. Sorry for the inconvenience!

Download MCBOOT 6.3 here or here| check code MD5 of MCBOOT version 6.3.0: check code MD5: 1C453080F9C09D0257E6196F46DA5111

tải về MCBOOT version 6.5.1 here or here| kiểm tra MD5 code of MCBOOT version 6.5.1: check code MD5: F2ADE2D572333A085FE93CABBB606A35

// Extract password if any: hoanchien

Download tệp tin 1 click here ! Maybe the anti-virus software on your computer will mistakenly identify it as a virus, you can turn off the anti-virus software before extracting it so that the files will not be deleted.

Note: After downloading, please check the correct MD5 code. Lớn avoid errors in the USB BOOT creation process. The MD5 code is in the file HD.txt of the downloaded file.

# 3. How to lớn create USB BOOT with MCBOOT is simple

+ Step 1: Connect USB or HDD lớn your computer.

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+ Step 2: After downloading the file, please use WinRAR or the latest 7-Zip khổng lồ extract it. In the extracted file there will be files similar to the image below.

Now, right click on the 1 Click file Mcboot xxxx.exe => select Run as administrator lớn run as administrator.




Note: lớn integrate the Win 7-10 AIO installer into the USB MCBOOT, you just need to lớn copy the entire tệp tin to the USB-DATA drive & edit the file. Bcd will run OK.

Load MCboot with Grub4 Dos (Y: Boot BCD)
Load MCboot with UEFI Dos (Y: efi Microsoft Boot BCD)


# 6. Epilogue

Okay, so I just shared one more with you How khổng lồ create USB BOOT with 1 click Alright. Actually, these ways khổng lồ create USB BOOT are already too familiar, mainly I introduce & give the tải về link.

Hope this toolkit will be useful to you. Good luck !

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