TP-Links Wi-Fi extender promises khổng lồ boost wireless signals in your home"s Wi-Fi weak spots and dead zones. Here"s our TL-WA860RE Reviews.

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ByJyên Martin, Editor


Transferring the 977MB file took 11 minutes và 24 seconds, equating to lớn 1.43MB/s (that"s 11.44Mb/s). It"s considerably longer than it took to move the tệp tin in the same room as the router. With the máy tính xách tay roughly 3m away, it took only 3 minutes, 5 seconds, which equates to lớn 5.3MB/s or 42.3 if you prefer to lớn work in megabits per second.

Chances are that you won"t be copying large Clip files over long distances all that often, so it"s arguably more relevant to talk about other tasks. With the TL-WA860RE turned off, we couldn"t even get a web page khổng lồ load in the shed due lớn the very weak signal from the trang chủ Hub 5, but with it turned on we were able khổng lồ browse at a normal tốc độ and even watch HD YouTube videos without constant buffering.

TP-Link RE200 (AC750) Wi-Fi Extender

TP-Link also sent us the new RE200 Wi-Fi Extender for Review. It"s just as easy khổng lồ phối up as the TL-WA860RE, but doesn"t have a mains pass-through. The benefit of the RE200 is that it supports 802.11ac on 5GHz, which in theory means speeds of up to lớn 450Mb/s. Adding the 300Mb/s you get with 802.11n on 2.4GHz, and you get "AC750".

We used the same Sony máy tính xách tay in the same position to lớn kiểm tra the RE200 on 2.4GHz và found its signal was considerably weaker than the cheaper TL-WA860RE. In fact, we struggled to lớn get a svào enough signal khổng lồ perkhung our file-transfer test, but when we did, it took 13 minutes, 27 seconds to copy the 977MB tệp tin. That"s 1.2MB/s.

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We will kiểm tra out the transfer tốc độ over 802.11ac when we obtain a suitable USB dongle, but as anyone who"s used 802.11ac will know, it delivers great speeds only at short distances, so we"re not expecting it to go faster.

Whether the poorer signal is due lớn the RE200"s internal antennae or not we can"t say, but since the TL-WA860RE is cheaper & has the handy pass-through socket, it"s clearly the better buy.

The units we tested were provided by eBuyer.

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TP-Link TL-WA860RE Wi-Fi Range Extender: Specs

Wi-Fi range extenderSupports 802.11b/g/n 10/100Mbps Ethernet PortMains pass-through socket Antenna: 2x externalSupports WPS connectionDimensions 110x66x75mmnguồn Consumption: 3W

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